This is what happened when prostitution get retired

Submitted by on Jan 12, 2017

these are a number of the intimate portraits captured by using a French photographer who spent almost a decade documenting the lives of former sex people.

The snaps were taken at a central authority-run retirement refuge for aged women who’ve escaped prostitution and the violence and exploitation that includes it.

Benedicte Desrus photographed ladies elderly fifty five and older at Casa Xochiquetzal in Mexico city as part of an eight-year assignment.

the house affords protection and dignity for some of the capital’s maximum prone residents, who spent almost their entire adult lives at the streets and have been constantly susceptible to risk.

Casa Xochiquetzal is positioned in a bustling, run-down neighbourhood close to Mexico city’s historic metropolis centre, Ms Ramos wrote.

The 18th century brick building was once domestic to a boxing museum and now stands out as a “sober assessment to the encompassing visible chaos”, she introduced.

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