Hani taha blasted on Mufti Qawi

Submitted by on Jan 12, 2017

consistent with reports, Hani Taha who’s related to BBC said that the incident came about while she went to meet Mufti Abdul Qavi to file his announcement after the loss of life of social media sensation Qandeel Baloch.
Hani maintained that individuals who sided with Qandeel Baloch believed that Mufti Qawi turned into one way or the other worried in her brutal murder, and held the view that Qawi was now not questioned due to the robust support he enjoyed from students and preachers, pronounced each day Pakistan.
when Hani met Mufti Qawi, the latter enquired about the that means of her name.
“I expressed my choice to provide prayer. In response, Mufti Qawi posed requested me the that means of my call,” she stated.
The BBC journalist then claimed that after the prayer, Mufti Qawi touched her cheeks which she considered unacceptable conduct for a spiritual cleric.
“regardless of the purpose of Mufti Qawi become (for touching my cheeks) it changed into irrational and vulgar,” Hani introduced.
The BBC journalist additionally said her terrible experience when she approached Attiya Jaffery, the investigative officer of Qandeel’s homicide case.
The investigative officer was of the view that it become not a case of honour killing.

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