Paris Decided To Drain This Canal But What They Found Sunken Is Shocking

Submitted by on Feb 3, 2016
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As part of the New Year for the world’s “City of Love”, Paris, France did some cleaning–literally. Canal Saint-Martin is the subject for this project. The last recorded time it was drained and cleared was fifteen years ago (2001). This time, a bunch of strong-willed community workers collaborated to make it possible. The clean-up drive, which began last January 4 this year, unfolded a lot of shocking surprises–specifically, enormous, and undeniably gross.

The garbage found is terrible. I can say that the view seems unexpected to happen in the area. For proofs, ladies and gentlemen, these are they.

Presenting Canal Saint-Martin

This is how this lovely scenery normally looks like. It’s going to have a major purge later on.

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