Boy Becomes Girl And Girl Becomes Boy, Yet They Make An Amazing Couple!

Submitted by on Feb 7, 2016
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This story is very unexpected and amazing. It will amuse you in a good way. Katie Hill was a man called Luke Hill till he had gender reassignment surgery last year. Luke Hill became pretty blonde at the age of 19. She received $35000 from an anonymous man when her story published in the newspaper. Katie faced a lot of bullying as a child and she got very emotional when she came at the show of Trisha.

Arin Andrews, 17, was born a girl called Emerald, who excelled at ballet dancing and won beauty contests. She always felt like being a man, when he was a kid she liked dressing like a man. Arin has just got flat male’s chest and he is still waiting for the sex change surgery. They met at a support group of transgenders and became friends and came closer. Follow the pictures for their adorable story. You will like this story, share with your loved ones. In January, the two have decided to split saying they want to focus on ‘having fun’ and ‘enjoying young adulthood’ as singles. But they promised to be good friends.

Katie (born, Luke) and Arni (born, Emerald).


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