2Pac’s Secret To Success Was This… Listen Up, Future Rap Stars!

Submitted by on Feb 26, 2016
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It’s been almost 20 years since legendary rapper Tupac Shakur passed away, but his legend lives on. In this clip, we learn just a little bit about how 2Pac was able to make such a huge impact in the rap world despite his short life. According to fellow rappers Snoop Dogg and Scarface, it all came down to Pac’s incredible work ethic. Much has been made about the sheer amount of work 2Pac was able to create in the months leading up to his death, and these sentiments are echoed by Snoop Dogg and Scarface in this compilation video. ‘He worked like a f***ing race horse,’ Snoop tells the interviewer in a clip from Vlad TV. This idea is echoed by Scarface, who tells his interviewer: ‘He was a f***ing work horse man, that’s why he’s got albums coming out almost 20 years after his death. He’s still got f***ing songs that ain’t been heard.’ The video then mixes in a clip of Pac himself in the studio, appearing to give a bit of a pep talk to his collaborators on how he intends their recording sessions to go. ‘We only got two weeks to do this whole album,’ Pac says in the old studio footage.


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