10 Times Twitter Proves The Generational Gap Could Not Be Wider

Submitted by on Mar 7, 2016
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We’re going to ask you to put down your cell phones, stop texting for a moment, and consider something.

Consider when your parents were your age. Consider that it wasn’t a given that televisions had remote controls. If you just HAD to tell your friend you saw her boyfriend with another girl, you needed a quarter. A good portion of their expendable income was invested into expensive metallic disks of music which generally contained at most TWO good songs.

We won’t even TALK about the dark days before about 1996 when if you wanted to write a paper for school you had to get all your info from actual BOOKS!

No doubt that technology is moving us forward in leaps and bounds. We stay constantly connected and we let the world know where, when, and how we live our lives. We think nothing of having five to ten different social media apps carrying on no less than 50 totally irrelevant and completely inane conversations with people we may or may not actually know. Yes, it’s a different world, and the parents are certainly feeling it.

But not all of them! These parents have got their cell phone training down – and have even managed to figure out that new fangled social media app, Twitter, and they’re using it to let the world know just how wide this generation gap has really become.

Check out these ten hilarious tweets from the older generation about how we young ones are making them feel old then like and SHARE this post with them!

1. At least she was willing to watch with you.


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