10 Things Virgins Discover On Their Wedding Nights

Submitted by on Feb 9, 2016
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Having sex for the first time is sure a thing of well, many things. There is a lot of pressure and excitement and anxiety and nervousness and joy – all making a chaos in the virgin’s mind. While some virgins look forward to it eagerly, some dread it like the whole universe of Harry Potter dreads Lord V. However, nothing goes as anticipated. Certainly not when it is your first time. So here we made a little list of what virgins find out on their wedding night, which you may find very helpful. If you’re one of course. *grin*

You don’t like it for the first time.

Because 90-percent people don’t. Why? Because it doesn’t turn out as, you had anticipated it. The deflowering of a woman as shown in movies is way different from how you lose your virginity. So chances are that you might find having sex is not that divine after all, but then sex is like wine. It gets better with time.

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